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How To Add A Remembrance Video to Your Life Story

As a part of our premium service, you can now add video to your life story. It's easy, only a couple simple steps: upload album photos, edit your photos, and upload two portraits photos.

From your life story overview page, click on the Get Started button to the far right.

Get Started

Section 1: Album View

The album view is very straightforward. Simply click on an album and then click the Upload button to begin adding your photos.

You can also add different albums to your video. Each album title will translate into individual titles in your finished video. For example, you can name your album titles "Childhood" or "Adulthood" or "School in France," as some examples. In order to rearrange your albums or photos within albums, just use your mouse to drag and drop them where you would like them. Alternatively, you can simply use one album for all of your photos, and simply rename the album to "The Life of [name here]" or something similar.

If you are uploading 20 or so photos, we recommend staying with one album for your life story. We find that it yields the best and most beautiful result. But don't overthink this section! Whether you decide to upload your photos to individual albums or you decide to upload everything to a single album, the resulting video will be beautiful, compelling, and honoring.

Video Overview Page

Adding images

As an additional feature, you can always edit the photos you upload using our built in editing suite. For example, the photo below could use some better cropping and positioning. All we need to do is click the image and then click the Edit button on the following screen.

Click Image

Edit Image

Clicking that button will open the built-in editing suite. You have options to crop, reposition, recolor, etc.

Editing Suite

Section 2: Music

In this section you can choose which song(s) you would like to play throughout your video. All song options have been performed, orchestrated, or selected by our talented team.

Be sure that when you have found the right song to press the Select Track button to apply it to your video.


Section 3: Portraits

In the final section, you have the option to choose two unique photos for your videos. These are called the "Latest Portrait" and the "Timeless Portrait." For the Latest Portrait, choose a photo that you think best represents your loved one in their most recent years. In the Timeless Portrait, choose your favorite photo of your loved one. Of course, these are just recommendations – do what you think is best.

Final Section

Final Notes

Keep in mind, that in order to publish a video you must have a minimum of 20 photos, including your Latest and Timeless Portrait. After you submit photos, go back to your dashboard and publish your changes. The video will take a few minutes to finish uploading, but once it is finished you will find it on your life story page.

Updated on: 12/02/2022

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